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Here I entend to collect firstly the material neccessary for everyone. I mean the material frequently used such as short phrases of Quran and Dua'. The second catagory is also essentials which include the daily ( Music ) Morning - In the Car - Relaxing & Meditation music.

Thirdly, Original content which either I have created or have the right to use. Fouthly, My dearest shares and favirite playlists.

Currently TRying hard to bring this up the soonest possible.

However, the UN Pettition is taking %90 of my time http://chn.ge/OZG8pP

Not only Muslims , all believers should join in one firm stand aginst the insult andmockery of GOD and Prophets.

UNity in LIght


The initial preparation for the 1st session of Bougeen

Listen Now:

Listen Now:

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